I think I do most of these.  Some, a lot. The top 10 things we do for instant happiness.

This survey of 2,000 asked peeps “What do you do to make that bad mood go away?” Not a real shocker, but food was hot. 43% said they eat something. Makes ’em feel better. There’s a reason it’s called comfort food.

If you check out the article you’ll see that food is also “what causes the problem” sometimes. 25% said they believe diet is big when it comes to long term mental health too.

For me it really is about getting that morning walk with dogs in at 5. Then that bike ride in at 7 after a little morning work prep. I spend a few minutes doing the meditation and prayin every morning. Kind of a gratitude thing. When all else fails. I get a pizza and some beer. Haaaaa. (OK sometimes it’s true)

1.  Eating something.  But not always something healthy.  Sweets are the #1 choice.

2.  Taking a hot bath.

3.  Distracting yourself with a TV show or a book.

4.  Cooking something or baking.

5.  Deep breathing or meditation.

6.  Cleaning your place.

7.  Exercising.

8.  Just going outside and getting some fresh air.

9.  Talking it out with a friend.

10.  Hanging out with your pet.  A stiff drink just missed the top 10 at #11.

Check out the story on SWNS HERE


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