Tom Hiddleston attends the Special Screening of Marvel Studios' series LOKI on June 08, 2021 in London, England. LOKI will stream exclusively on Disney+ from Wednesday June 9, with new episodes every Wednesday.

Tom Hiddleston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the debut of Loki today on Disney+. Over the last decade as playing Loki, Hiddleston took some time to reflect on his journey as our favorite Asgardian god of mischief.

Jimmy Kimmel reminded Hiddleston of his increasing age, to which Hiddleston said, “Thank you. Thank you for reminding me.” Kimmel recovered by saying, “It’s very young, especially in Asgard years, it’s very young.” Hiddleston playfully says back, “Yeah, that’s what I thought. I haven’t quite yet made the calculation. But yeah, believe it or not, the day I turned 40 I was on set as Loki! And I was reflecting on the fact that when I turned 30, I was also on set as Loki in the first Thor movie. So I’ve been playing this character for over a quarter of my life. Which kind of blew my mind.”

Could Hiddleston see himself playing the character for another decade? He tells Kimmel, “I would be amazed!”

The subject of Matt Damon came up, in the strangest of ways — Kimmel showed a photo of Damon dressed in full-fledged Loki garb, black wig included. In a still from Thor: Ragnarok, the two discuss how Matt Damon plays an actor playing Loki. “Loki, as we know, contains multitudes and somehow, contains Matt Damon,” Hiddleston explained. “Even in that suit.”

Hiddleston played a teacher in “Loki School,” where he lead a PowerPoint presentation complete with Loki clips and a whiteboard to get everyone on the same page. Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius in the series, was dubbed as a “keen student of Loki School.”

Watch the full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

GALLERY: Scenes From Loki

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