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I’m not on TikTok often. But when I am, it’s food. Haaaaa. I learned all about “Oven Bacon” and “Searing Salmon Secrets” to perfection. Some grilling tips too.

Then, I see this. What? Watermelon and Mustard making a big hit on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest too. What the heck is going on here?

So, I said “I Gotta Try It!” I regret saying that. Haaaaa. I love mustard. I love watermelon. Together. Love is lost.

Ugggg. Almost gagged.

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I trust dogs and horses, love country music, and country fried chicken. Fought many men, and loved only 1 woman. She's from Nashville, so the accent. Life is short. Make somebody smile, Dog-gonnit. Haaaaaa.