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Hillsborough County residents can now Text-To-911 for help. The Text-To-911 program is already available in surrounding Tampa Bay counties like Pinellas and Citrus.

Text-To-911 is not meant to replace calling 911 but to help make it easier for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, those with a speech disability, those who are in a situation where a traditional call is too dangerous, or if you do not have phone reception. Text-To-911is another tool to help keep all residents safe.

Simply send a text message to 911 and a dispatcher will connect with you. According to, “Residents can send an emergency text, by texting 911. Dispatchers will reply and ask for more information. It’s important to reply to the dispatcher’s texts as quickly as possible. Dispatchers can not receive group texts, images, videos, or emojis.”

I was watching a show called “Emergency Call” on ABC  the other day where they had texting to 911 and said, “Call when you can, text when you can’t.”

See the PSA video below for more on Text-To-911:

PSA Text-to-911

TEXT-TO-911 📲 #HillsboroughCounty residents now have another way to get help during an emergency. In partnership with Hillsborough County, #teamHCSO now has...

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