It pays to check the video doorbell before opening your door late at night to strangers. Take last night in Tampa, when homeowners heard a knocking sound at their back door. Before opening it, they turned on the outside light and saw a 9-foot gator chilling on their lanai.

Mark and Pam Pomfret were awakened by loud noises at their back door at 2:30 am. When they went to investigate, they found an alligator measuring over 9-feet-long on their lanai. Yeah, that’s pretty scary. Even worse, the gator was trying to get in their living room!

The pair contacted the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department, who then contacted a trapper. The gator was removed and relocated to a safe location. It’s alligator mating season, which makes them more aggressive than usual. They also can act unpredictably when courting. If you see an alligator, never get close to it or feed it. Also, keep your pets close, on a leash and away from the edge of any body of water. Authorities also say to swim only in designated areas and only during the day.


Alligators Love The Golf Course

Gators and the golf course go hand in hand like burgers and fries. Just to be safe, especially in Florida, always assume there is a gator or a croc in any body of water.

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