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Chicken wings are super popular, so much so that their is now a chicken wing shortage… You might be seeing the direct effects of this right here in Florida.

Like so many other industries, chicken wings have been hit hard due to the pandemic. That might not seem like a big deal but a chicken wing shortage means a price hike. Not good for our wallets. According to News 13, at the beginning of the year, a case of wings sold for $70-90 a case. Now they are about $150 a case. The Super Bowl definitely impacted this by a lot. All over the nation, Americans consumed about 1.4 billion chicken wings. I’m guilty! According to food suppliers, this chicken wing shortage should only last for about two more months. So are you telling me to hold off on eating chicken wings and go all out in August? DEAL!

[Source: NEWS 13]

5 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Filling up your fridge can be expensive and you may not even realize you are overshopping. Here are five tips on how to save money on groceries. Not only can this help you save money but it could also lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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