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You would think that someone like Dolly Parton wears the most expensive of everything because she’s been a superstar for 50 years and she’s got the money to wear exactly what she pleases. But that’s not altogether true when it comes to make-up.

Dolly told The Wall Street Journal that throughout the day she touches it up with “a lot of Maybelline products,” along with Max Factor’s Pan Stik, something she’s used “for all of my grown years.”

She adds, “If I’m going out at night, I’ll just add a little more shadow, a little more glitter, redder or brighter lipstick. I’m so used to doing my own makeup and hair I can do it really fast.”

And Parton’s day can be quite long as she rises each day at 3 in the morning. She offered, “Even when I’m working late on shows and concerts, I can wake up early. I just don’t require a lot of sleep!”

She added, that she can work with just five or six hours of sleep; if she has to, three will do, “I pray every day that God will put all the right things, all the right people in my life, and take all the wrong things, all the wrong people out, and guide me. And I have my cup of ambition.”

When asked what she wears around the house, Dolly admits she doesn’t dress like most of us have through the pandemic with sweats and a t-shirt. She shared, “I don’t wear sweatpants. I have my own little house clothes, like a little dress-type teddy, a long teddy, then I have a little jacket or shirt to match if I get cold. I call them my baby clothes because they’re soft like a baby. But I don’t wear sweat clothes.”

Dolly Parton Always Smiling