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Things that we see in the water off the west coast of Florida: Dolphins – Yes, Stingrays – Yes, Sharks – Yes, Killer Whales – No, Really? FOX13 Meteorologist, Paul Dellegatto, posted a photo and video of what looks like a killer whale off the coast of Pass-A-Grille in St. Pete Beach. Paul Dellegatto wrote on his Twitter, “Marine biologist I chatted with tonight said that as far as she knows, no one has ever photographed a killer whale from our west coast.”

Alligators Love The Golf Course

Florida has a lot of wildlife, and we aren’t just talking about “Florida man”. Gators and the golf course go hand in hand like burgers and fries. Just to be safe, especially in Florida, always assume there is a gator or a croc in any body of water.

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