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The theme parks are starting to fill back up now that summer is right around the corner. This morning, Busch Gardens Tampa announced details for Summer Nights. It all starts May 28 and run through September. Here’s what’s new at Busch Gardens Tampa for this summer:

#1: A new fireworks show
Ignite the night with NEW “Spark! A Nighttime Spectacular”. A brand new production on the Festival Field at Busch Gardens Tampa. “Spark!” is offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 9:15 P.M. from May 28 to September 6, including extra presentations on May 31 for Memorial Day, July 1-4 for Independence Day, and September 6 for Labor Day.

#2: New stuff to try on the menu
Inspired by backyard summer cookouts, try some grilled classics and new desserts. Plus there will be some new summer cocktails to enjoy.

#3: Live DJs
Get your groove on. There will be DJ’s around the park at sunset.

#4: A giraffe bar
There’s a new bar on the second floor of Serengeti Outlook.

#5: A new stunt show
“Cirque Electric” is a new acrobatic stunt show at the Stanleyville Theater.

Returning: Ice skating show
This one’s not new… it’s a big return. The show is back at the Moroccan Palace Theater. They’ll do late shows too during Summer Nights.

Learn more about all of the fun things at Busch Gardens Tampa HERE!

NEW! Giraffe Bar at Busch Gardens Tampa

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