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Pinellas County buses are pretty cool if you ask me. I tested a few routes when I bought my house to see how hard or easy it would be to get around. Came away impressed. And over by the beaches, they do a great job offering an option to “beach parking” (insert scream here) Ahhhhhhh!

All that said, now, it looks like they would like to have a new bus for the water? Pinellas Transit is looking at a concept/plan to launch a new Ferry Service in the Clearwater area. They hope to have an effective way to help “locals” with the service (not just tourists). If you’ve ever been on the Clearwater bridges for an hour, you’ll appreciate that too.

There is not a timeline yet for the concept/project. They want to start in Clearwater but look to go down to Johns Pass and maybe Gulfport too. I do HOPE they let me fish off the boat. Haaaa.

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