First of all, I couldn’t do it. One reason spear fishers and photographers love the Goliath Grouper is, when you approach, they do not flee. Mostly gentle, and slow. So, I’m a big baby and could not kill one. There, I said it.

Meanwhile, I support hunting and fishing and have done a little of both – including working for an outfitter/hunting camp in Montana as a teen. So. I get it. the Giant Grouper has been protected for years, since 1990, after being over fished and almost extinct. One time, they were everywhere. Then, not.

Now, the Florida & Game Commissioner says we’re near a point where “limited” harvest could be allowed. He did also mention “emotion” is part of the push back (see my first sentence). So, they are voting on proposed regulation allowing up to 100 Giant Groupers to be harvested each year. You just need $300 for a license, a giant frying pan, and 1/4 ton of tarter sauce, maybe? Also noted in article that “older” Goliaths (lifespan 35 years) are high in neurotoxins that may harm children and/or pregnant women. So. There’s that. And, they all seem nice.

Check out the story in The Times HERE