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Whether you are celebrating your birthday or a special occasion, it’s always nice to treat yourself! Here are a couple of items that I would love to treat myself to this year and hope you like them, too!

Pop Up Beach Tent

blue pop up beach tent

If you’re going to plant yourself on the beach all day, you’ve got to treat yourself to some shade! I love this tent with quick and easy setup. And, it’s a perfect size. (We’ve all seen those embarrassed mom and dad disasters trying to put up monster awnings.) There is plenty of room for friends, chairs, and a cooler, not necessarily in that order.

Get it here.

Eight Piece Japanese Steel Kitchen Knife Set

8 piece japanese steel kitchen knife set

I love to cook. I smoke or grill or both most weekends. I’m the weird guy who actually loves to prep for great meals. My wife laughs when I go into the kitchen at noon to prep for 6 pm dinner. But, she knows it’s gonna be gooooood! Cut, clean, slice, dice. The right tools get you there.

Buy a set here.

Electric Folding Bike

electric folding bike

Electric bikes are a “great” way to get around on the beach. Sometimes parking is impossible. These bikes can zip you up or down the street, or even on the sand. And, in winter when we paddleboard in high winds, we travel 6 or 7 miles downwind. Would love to have one of these locked up to get back to our vehicle. Only downwinders get it. Treat yourself!

Grab one here.

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