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Let’s start with a day alone, on the beach or at the spa. But, alone. I’m sort of guessing here, so work with me. A peaceful day for mom. You can make it happen. Try harder. did a mom survey and came up with a giant list of great mom gifts for 2021. 68% of Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, so make sure you  are “positive” if you think “it’s not a big deal to my mom.”

The biggest number is 43% of moms who say they’d like a card. Moms are so nice, aren’t they? Just a card? That’s so easy. But, I would give my Tampa Bay Area Mom the card while picking her up for a nice dinner. You “should know” her favorite restaurant. Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete? Doesn’t matter. Make the drive. She’s worth it.

36% of moms say they are cool with flowers. Again, mom is just being “don’t worry about me” nice. You need to sweeten’ the pot, so take her somewhere special. (33% say a special experience with family is nice) Nice walk on the beach, along the river downtown Tampa, or watch a sunset.

Some moms did come right out (23%) and say “Spa Day”, so that’s a no brainer. You can insert any “alone” activity she enjoys right here and you should be fine.

Remember, if you screw this up, she won’t say a word. And, you’ll be reminded for a year till you get it right in 2022. Good luck with that. For Complete Success: Beach or Spa Day, Card, Flowers, Candy, Dinner, any Jewelry or Coffee Mug that says “Mom” on it. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

What are YOU getting/Doing for your Mom?


Here’s the entire survey for your review:

1.  A card.  43% of moms said they’d love to get one.  That doesn’t mean they’ll be thrilled with JUST a card.  But in general, moms do like getting them.

2.  Flowers.

3.  Doing something with the family.  Like dinner, or going somewhere outdoors.

4.  A keepsake.  So something sentimental, like a framed photo that’s engraved.

5.  Chocolate.

6.  Something homemade.  Especially moms with younger kids.

7.  A spa day or massage.

8.  Jewelry.

9.  A day to themselves.  So say Happy Mother’s Day . . . and then just leave them alone for 24 hours.

10.  For someone else to take care of all the household tasks they normally do.

One in seven moms said breakfast in bed would also be great.  12% want clothes.  And one in eight said some BOOZE would be appreciated.

Read the YouGov story HERE



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