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Sam Hunt joined Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe and Sam’s current song is “Breaking Up Was Easy In the 90’s”. We quizzed Sam on his knowledge of the 90’s.

Listen to the whole interview below.

We learned that Sam and his wife don’t have a TV!

“My wife grew up without a TV, so she didn’t want a TV. And I was like, I was persuaded. So I don’t have a TV. I don’t have any way to really watch any sports. I get on my phone and look at highlights on YouTube. But that’s about as far as I go. So I’m out of the loop.”

So where does Sam get his inspiration for his songs now that he is happy?

“It’s kind of a problem as far as songwriting, you know because I’m always written from that place, that melancholy place. But yeah. So, I mean, all jokes aside, it was kind of I mean, I had a bit of writer’s block for a little while. And, you know, some not all my songs have been necessarily a reflection of my own experiences. You know, I’ve stepped into characters or situations that maybe I can relate to, but I haven’t been in to the letter of the song. But I started thinking a lot about, you know, what would it be like if I’d gone down this road or that road that really has helped me open up some creative vessels to new ideas. And so this record explores some of those, some perspectives that may not be reflective of my life, my situation at the moment. But they could have easily reflected my life at the moment had I maybe taken this past year or so. I’ve had to put myself in those shoes a little bit.”


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