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Everyone I know owns a doorbell camera but the only things they catch on theirs is deliveries and animals roaming around at night. Recently there have been some cool and strange things showing up with these cameras getting installed everywhere. A couple weeks ago, a fireball flew across the Florida night sky and it was caught on camera thanks to doorbell cameras. Now there’s a buzz today on social media about footage capture by a home security camera. This video was shot in Palm Coast, Florida and raises a lot of questions. This new one shows two orbs of light and is leading everyone to speculate what is is we actually see. Check out the video below:
What do you think it is?

2 mysterious orbs of light caught on camera flying through Palm Coast yard

William Fuentes sent FOX 35 video of what looks like two orbs of light flying across the sky at his Palm Coast home. What do you think about this strange phe...

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