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Gas Prices have been gradually increasing in the past year, but it seems as though gas is about to get even pricier very soon.

Attention to everyone living in St. Pete or Clearwater, driving your car is about to get more expensive. Pinellas County is thinking about increasing the tax on gasoline. Right now, it’s 7 cents per gallon. That might jump to 12 cents. 12 cents per gallon is the maximum the state of Florida allows. It might not seem like a lot but if you feel up often that could be over $200 added on to your gas allowance per year.Prices for gas are already expected to rise due to a shortage of truck drivers. More people are online shopping and there just aren’t enough qualified, trained drivers. CNN reports vacation destinations like Florida might even see gas shortages.

You might be wondering, why Pinellas County? About a half a million dollars is getting used to repair sidewalks, roads and going towards incidents within the county. The tax increase could help address the repairs by bringing in over $10 million per year. Commissioner Pat Gerard told the Times “If you don’t want bumpy sidewalks and don’t want roads that have huge holes, basically you have to pay for it.”

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4 Tips For Saving Money At The Pump

Gas Buddy released their annual Pump Habits Study and found that nearly a third of Americans care more now about saving money on gas than before the start of the pandemic. Here are four great tips for saving money at the pump.

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