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What kind of coffee do you like, or love? The Heart knows! The guys at The University of South Australia say there is “genetic evidence” that your (cardiovascular health) heart helps to “pick” your coffee for you. They studied over 350,000 people. That’s a lot of coffee.

But, their “hopped up” study found your heart rate & blood pressure impact your java choices. Is it possible actual genetics step in for you, and help (to some degree) regulate your coffee house choices to keep you safe. Other studies have shown, three cups of coffee, good for you – too many fancy lattes and cappuccinos, not so much. CDC says 1/2 of us (Americans) have hypertension. So, may wanna look at (pay attention) those coffee control urges.

Check out the story HERE

What Nutritionists Say You Should You Drink First Thing In The Morning

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