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Don’t get your momma all bummed out. Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m here to help. There are things that make her happy. You know about those, right? But there are also things that totally bum her out.

Do Not Do These Things. This new survey says 70% of moms just want “a day to themselves”. That’s right. I said it, leave your poor momma alone. Bring her whatever she wants, needs, and/or loves, and then leave! Haaaa

Here are the Top 5 Things That Bum Mom Out

1.  Having to clean up after the party or meal, 47%.

2.  Not being able to take a break from the everyday routine, 36%.

3.  Feeling exhausted at the end of the day, 33%.

4.  Waking up early, 30%.

5.  Not getting any time alone, 28%.

Check out the PR Newswire survey HERE

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