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They are “foam clogs”. I’ll say it. Not attractive. At all.  But they sure were hot at one time. Then had financial trouble. Then added sandals and flip-flops and recovered.

Then hit a few more financial snags, sales slumped. Enter, a Pandemic. Look at them now! Some folks say this is what you get when people start putting “feeling good” overlooking good. Haaa. We discourage that.

Crocs now say their sales were up 64% in the first three months of this year. When we don’t need to see other people, we choose comfortable (other than the sweating foamy stuff) shoes over more attractive ones.

Crocs is loving this new popularity, and not just because they’re raking in cash. Now tons of other companies want to collaborate with them, so look out for, quote, “interesting and buzzworthy” Croc mashups coming soon.

Read the CNN story HERE


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