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We’ve been hearing about 4 day work weeks for years. Maybe we’d be more productive if we had 10 or 12 hour days and longer weekends? Remember? Go figure. The real answer to being more productive at work may be “not goin to work at all”.  Haaaaaa. You with me? And it took a pandemic to set the bar and prove it. But. Not for everybody.

The Edges Markets did a survey (30,000 US workers) and found a simple 5% lift in productivity and the economy from commute time alone. I guess if you add being able to work in PJ’s and taking away daily “prep time” (shower, makeup, hair, pimple popping etc.) the number keeps climbing.

Working from home, not for everybody. I get it. In radio – a creative process, I really want to go to the studio every day, see, and talk with my fellow idiots. Er, I mean DJ’s and PDs, and managers, and sales people.  Not sure the sales and management folks believe they need to be in every day?  Some are doing great (maybe even better) working from home, and checking in person a couple times a week. Newer employees may need more office time for training etc. BTW, I work with some of the greatest on the planet. And I’m not just saying that because it’s true.

On the other hand, in my real estate business, I’ve worked from an office, and from home forever. So, limited office time is what I’m used to. We rented an office a few times, but found it more cost and time effective to work from home. We also teach webinars from home twice a week to the Miami MLS Realtors (from home).  This, works so great, from home.

One investment industry executive called their “work from home” deal “an aberration” that his investment bank will “correct as quickly as possible”. He pointed out it’s  “especially crucial for new recruits to absorb the Wall Street culture”. I would agree 100% on any newbies and encourage any new investment broker, sale rep, realtor to “go in” or “rent an office” (if you can) surrounded by great people till you get the hang of it.

Efficiency + Productivity = Peace & Happiness. I’m a big fan.

Only one who can make the call, is you.

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