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Hey. What are you up to right now? Oh, you’re using the internet. Got it. How much?

This new British study says we use the internet (average) close to 60 hours every week. I know, sometimes it feels like per day. Right? But it is around 8 hours per day, every day, some nights tossed in. So, now we’re up to about 130 days per year, or about a third of your life!

What the heck are we doing with all this time?

Mainly, we’re doing work. Right? That’s according to the survey. In 2nd place will be streaming TV and movies we love, or tolerate. And coming in 3rd place for internet time spent is social media. That’s right, TicToc, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Gaming of course, Listening to and some other goofy stuff too.

Check out the Study HERE


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