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Yep. I put on the pandemic 15 too. A lot more fun putting it on than getting it off. But, I’m almost there. Some folks (1 in 5) believe the pandemic has impacted their metabolism. And, not in a good way. Missing 3 days a week in the gym for over a year could do that. Right?

Only about 40% of people believe they have maintained their pre-pandemic fitness. Almost 30% say they have gained about 10 pounds, increasing their resting heart rate, and are eating way more than before the pandemic. For the record. I like ice cream too. Yes, every day. Stop the insanity.

Part of this new survey asked people: What do you think impacts your body the most? Check out the top 10 answers to see where you might (or used to ) fit in.

1.  Age.

2.  Exercise and activity level.

3.  Hormones.

4.  Anxiety.

5.  Lifestyle.

6.  Stress.

7.  Diet.

8.  The season.

9.  Genetics and family history.

10.  Medication.

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Filling up your fridge can be expensive and you may not even realize you are overshopping. Here are five tips on how to save money on groceries. Not only can this help you save money but it could also lead to a healthier lifestyle.


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