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Florida Man is back at it again, but this time the Florida driver tried a drawbridge jump stunt that was caught on camera. You gotta see it to believe it…

Earlier last week, a Florida driver took a stunt from The Dukes of Hazzard and jumped the Daytona Beach drawbridge as it was opening. Bridge workers were not impressed because they were stuck fixing two traffic arms that the driver smashed through. Check out the video below:

SUV Jumps Open Drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida

Police in Daytona Beach, Florida would like a word with the driver who jumped an open drawbridge earlier this week. The car smashed through a traffic arm, th...

If you were thinking of trying this, you might want to think again. It is absolutely against the law. The police are currently looking for the driver…

[Source: FOX NEWS]


Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

Here are some of our favorite places to visit within the city limits. Might also be good places to take your out of town guests, too!

Tweet us @995QYK and tell us some of your favorite spots to visit in Tampa?

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