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Keith Urban told Ellen Degeneres that when he got a chance to listen to the secret new Taylor Swift music that he was going to be a part of for her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) release, he was at the mall getting a bite to eat.

Urban shared, “It’s the craziest story. We were in Australia, I was doing some Christmas shopping at the shopping mall in December — because everybody does their shopping right before Christmas, every guy does. … I get a text from Taylor saying, ‘I’ve got these couple of songs I’d like you to sing on, do you wanna hear them?’ I said sure, so she sends me the songs and I’m sitting in the food court at the shopping center listening to these two unreleased Taylor Swift songs [with headphones].”

Keith Urban First Heard Taylor Swift's New Songs in a Mall Food Court

Keith Urban is featured on two songs on Taylor Swift's new "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" album, and he told Ellen about hearing the new tracks for the first ...

He admits, “It was an unusual place to be hearing unreleased Taylor Swift music. But I loved the songs, and luckily got to put a vocal on both of those.”

DeGeneres then joked that it’s “hilarious” to picture him seated in a mall food court, let alone jamming to top-secret Swift tunes. Keith says, “I was hungry! Where are you gonna go when you’re hungry, Ellen?”

Urban did say that getting a text from Taylor Swift was impressive to his pre-teen daughters and his wife Nicole Kidman. He offered, “[They are] big Taylor Swift fans, yes. They were just excited that Dad got a text from Taylor Swift.”

Keith lends his vocals to two never-before-released tracks, “That’s When” and “We Were Happy.”

That's When (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video)

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