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School was fine for most of us. Sort of. But, when was the last time you used trigonometry? This new survey says most parents wanted kids to learn “important” life skills along with those math formulas we never, ever, ever used again. Like, ever.

83% of parents say these are the top 10 skills that would actually help everyone.  Some parents said they wish they also learned how to change a tire, or plaster a wall.  And many agree that “self care” skills may be more valuable than algebra after adulting actually begins.

1. How to save money.

2. How to budget and organize your finances.

3. How to invest.

4. How to take care of your mental health.

5. How taxes work.

6. How to be confident.

7. How to cook basic meals.

8. How to start a business.

9. How to buy a house.

10. How to create a resume.

Check out the survey HERE and the full list of 20.


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