The top two reasons we can’t have nice things: Number 1, Kids. Number 2, Pets. If the kids and/or pets can tear it up, we don’t want it. Well. That about covers everything. Right?  This survey found about 45% of parents think the kids and pets will ruin all their nice things. Have you ever had dogs destroy your hardwood floors? Ever try having a “white” or light-colored sofa with kids in the house? Yep. me too.

They’ll tear it up alright. Some other beliefs and facts about the sweet little children and cuddly pets we love.

1.  45% are nervous to buy anything nice because they know they won’t be able to keep it nice.

2.  Two-thirds said their couch currently has a stain that was caused by a child or pet.

3.  Kids and pets cause an average of $162 worth of damage a year to furniture alone.

4.  The most common stains they cause are food stains . . . pen marks . . . spilled drinks . . . and stains from greasy hands.

5.  64% of people with kids said they’re waiting for them to get older before they start buying nicer stuff.

6.  One in five people say their couch took more punishment than usual last year because they used it a lot more.

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