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After saying “I Do” in September 2020, a couple from Florida used a tossed a coin to decide whose last name they will be sharing.

This is different, but I don’t hate it. All the way in Tallahassee, Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward met in 2018, got engaged a couple years later and just last year tied the knot. They opted to use a coin design by Darcy’s brother to decide their last name. That’s unique. The brass coin used was engraved with their surnames and profiles on opposite sides. It ended up on “Ward” and now they share that name and will pass it on to their family.

Florida couple flipped coin to decide their last name

Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward tossed a coin that was engraved with her last name on one side and his on the other.The couple spoke with Aubrey to share their st...

I wonder if either of them wanted to do “best two-out-of-three.” I know I would’ve if I lost during the first toss. All jokes aside,  I wish the happy couple the best of luck.

[Source: WTSP]

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