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When I was coaching my daughters in soccer, parents would take turns bringing a “halftime snack”.  Sandwiches, cake, pie, fruit, and all kinds of weird stuff like it was a picnic. I had to take over because I didn’t want my 6 yr old soccer players to “bog down” in the 2nd half. My solution? Pixie Stix at halftime. Hehehe. It worked, we were undefeated. The kids would come out “blazin” in the second half, and sleep on the way home in the car.

Yep, some foods pick ya up, but sooner or later – comes the crash. If you’re feeling sluggish too, it could be the last thing you ate.  A group of dieticians were asked to name foods that can zap your energy.  Here are four things that can make you tired. FYI. Some of them pump ya’ up first.

1.  Coffee and energy drinks.  Too much caffeine can lead to a crash about five hours later.  So if you load up on coffee in the morning, you might feel wiped out later in the day.  And too much of it late in the day can also mess with your sleep.

2.  Candy.  Same thing, but with sugar.  You get a boost of energy for a while, but then you crash.

3.  Smoothies.  Again, it’s all about the sugar.  And because it’s liquified, all that sugar gets into your bloodstream faster than if you just ate fruit.

4.  Low-calorie frozen meals.  Some of them have 300 calories or less, which isn’t really enough to fuel up.  And they tend to be filled with salt, which causes bloating and gives you an overall feeling of fatigue.

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So what are some foods that GIVE you energy?  The next time you’re feeling tired, bananas, pistachios, black beans, and eggs are all a good choice.  And just drinking more water can help too.

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