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Happened to me the other night. Watching a movie with wife and daughter. Had to reach over and grab my phone to “check something real quick”. When I looked up, my wife and daughter were both on their phones too. Is anybody really watching this movie?

Turns out we’re not alone. It’s a thing now. Watching TV while on your phone at the same time. It’s called “double screening” and 90% of us do it.

Apparently, there are TV groups who watch and chat on the phone about special programs. Now I may have done that watching sports, but not while watching “The Notebook” for the 15th time. (that one makes me cry)  Some say double screening with friends can enhance your TV experience. As long as they don’t “spoil the ending”. What? They all die? Nooooo!

Check out the survey link for proper TV double screen etiquette too.

Check out the survey HERE




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