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Middle age is just a number, right? Some may feel “middle age” at 35, 45, or 50, 0r even 60. But, there are some tell-tale signs you’re already there at any number. Most agree, and supported by the survey below, that middle age is more a state of mind than a number. But there are signs – You might be “Middle Aged”

This works better if you read the next 3 lines using your best Jeff Foxworthy impression:

“If you’re just figuring out that some of your co-workers have no idea what a cassette tape is, you might be middle-aged.”

“If you actually hope the cashier will ask you if they can see your I.D., you might be middle-aged.”

“If you have actually been advising people on investing and saving money, you might be middle-aged.”

This new survey out there says most of us think we hit “Middle Age” at about 47 years old. But when they added “signs you might be middle-aged” to the survey, seems those things happen a little or a lot sooner! If you feel a little stiff, or actually groan when you bend over, yep, might be middle-aged.

Other signs include: picking comfort over style with your clothes, thinking police officers, teachers, and doctors look really young, hating loud bars, and of course, needing an afternoon nap.

Check out the Survey HERE


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