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It’s only Monday, yet the Florida Man stories are quickly rolling in…

We will start with a police chase that happened on April 1st in Alachua County. This specific chase not only involved county deputies, but the Florida Highway Patrol was roped in too. Not only did the driver flee, but he threw an alcoholic drink out the window. He even flipped the finger to the deputy. Check out the chase below:

[Source: Alachua County Sheriff’s Office]

That’s not all..l The next chase happened right here in the Tampa Bay area earlier today (4/5). It was reported that an unattended ambulance was stolen at Oak Hill Hospital In Brooksville shortly after noon. The Florida Man spotted the mistake, jumped in and drove off… He did not get very far either, he got stuck in some mud. Typical Florida Man…. Check out the story below:

Never leave the keys in the car, especially in an ambulance? This is definitely a lesson learned.

[Source: HCSO]

Last but not least, a Florida Man living in Kansas made some headlines. This past Saturday (4/3) a Kansas Highway Patrolman was transporting the Florida Man to a nearby correctional facility when the officer stopped at the site of a motorcycle crash. You can see where this is going… While the officer was attending to the accident, the Florida Man somehow got into the drivers seat and start driving, while handcuffed… Kansas Highway Patrol officers followed Swartout down Kansas Interstate 25. Even after running out of gas, the guy then began to run on foot.

Check out the video HERE!

See, there are Florida Man stories all the way in Kansas…

[Source: KSN]

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

Here are some of our favorite places to visit within the city limits. Might also be good places to take your out of town guests, too!

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