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Sometimes you just get bored and start the TV search because “there is nothing on” and strike gold! I was bouncing around channels last week and pulled up HBOMax on opening night of the “Godzilla VS Kong” movie. I haven’t even seen the first two, but it was Awwwwwesome. Haaa. Just goofy fun giant monsters destroying big cities as they stomp around. And I still get a chuckle seeing Godzilla throw a left jab followed by a screaming right hook! Where did he take boxing lessons?

It was just plain fun to watch, and I had completely forgotten about the dual opening in theaters and on HBO.

I hope movies DO make a comeback, and this is the beginning. Godzilla vs Kong made almost $49 million since it opened last Wednesday in theaters and my living room.

They tell us its the biggest opening since the pandemic shut down. The giant fighting monster movie opened a week earlier across the globe and now has earned over $285 million worldwide. wow. Like the old days. Almost.

Wonder Woman 84 also dual opened in theatres and HBO last Christmas, earning just over $16 million bucks.

Check it out HERE

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