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Cool new beach restaurant coming to John’s Pass! Almost every Sunday afternoon after 3 when I’m done working I “mask up” and take a short motorcycle ride along the beach. True confession. I find a nice place, band, and people-watch while smoking a nice Cuban cigar off in a “safely distanced” corner. Please don’t judge. I usually see one or more friends no matter where I land.

So, now I’m stoked to hear about the old Gators turning into the New Crabb’y at John’s Pass!

They’re gonna call it “Crabby’s on the Pass”, and it’s expected to open in April. The Beachside Hospitality Group is opening the new location, their 11th in Florida.  They already have: Crabby’s Bar & GrillCrabby’s DocksideSalty’s Island Bar & Grille and The Salty Crab North Beach.

The new Crabby’s will feature live entertainment plus boat parking, for those who like to boat up the Pinellas coast.

So far, they haven’t posted a menu, but their website has a link if you’re interested in applying for a job. If their menu is similar to their other locations, you’ll surely find something to enjoy! The variety ranges from seafood and steak to hand-tossed pizza, sandwiches and tacos.

Check out the video to see what the restaurant will look like when you get there. Hint: Looks a lot like Gators with a new sign.

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