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True story: When the pandemic first hit, we ate waffles every morning for almost 3 weeks. Every morning. Not a planned thing. Just happened. It was lockdown people and comfort food! Waffles were something we did most often when we had company. You know, family, friends staying over for a vacation.  Fun toppings. Cheers, you up. Clearly, our #1 go-to comfort food? What’s yours?

A new survey asked people to name foods that can instantly cheer you up.  And tacos, bacon, eggs, and waffles ALL made the top five comfort food. Side note: Big fan of #1 too.

1.  Tacos.  (One in three people said eating them instantly puts them in a better mood – include me in this too)

2.  Bacon and eggs.

3.  Steak.

4.  Fried rice.

5.  Waffles or pancakes.

6.  Mashed potatoes.

7.  Mac-and-cheese.

8.  Baked potatoes.

9.  Cheeseburgers.

10.  French fries.  Fried chicken and pizza barely missed the top ten.

(Only 1 in 5 said fresh fruit cheers them up, and just 1 in 7 said the same about vegetables.)

The survey also asked for your go-to food when you’re having a bad day, OR a good day.  And for both, the #1 answer was chocolate.

Check out the study HERE

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