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So, we understand stress can shorten your life span. Right? That in itself, sorta stressful! Haaaa. These guys at Oregon State University are tellin us if we want to live a longer and happier life, we should never, ever, ever, go to bed angry.

Arguments are inevitable, of course. But the deal is, get over it, and fast if you can. They tell us how we deal with daily conflicts that can help, or hurt our overall health. The University study found when we handle our issues or disputes quickly, it’s almost as if it never happened. Unless you’re still sleeping on the couch. Then, it still happened.

These college researchers found that when couples talk things over. Well, both of them felt better before they went to sleep, and they even had a better tomorrow. Saying their day was much less stressful. Seems stress does a carry over to the next day, like a bad salsa.

And the couples say they weren’t just better the next day.  Their well-being was better than couples who went to bed without working through their fights or punching their pillows. Don’t go to bed angry. Like, ever!

Check out the study HERE


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