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People are hittin’ the road again. So, fire up the arguments and back seat drivers.

True story. My dad would drive with both feet. Left on brake, right on gas, and it drove us all crazy. Even as kids, we were like, “Dad, what the heck are you doin?” When he stopped, he stopped fast! Haaa. If you were driving behind us, brake lights on at all times.

This study looked at the Top 10 things that cause arguments in cars. The Top 5 are:

1.  Using your phone while driving.

2.  Tailgating.

3.  Passing someone in a dangerous way.

4.  Braking at the last minute.

5.  Braking too hard for no reason.

Check out the rest of the list HERE

4 Tips For Saving Money At The Pump

Gas Buddy released their annual Pump Habits Study and found that nearly a third of Americans care more now about saving money on gas than before the start of the pandemic. Here are four great tips for saving money at the pump.

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