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Thinking if we did have another kid, we would name him or her, “Purely Organic Parsley”. Well, it’s a thing now. Naming your baby after a random bottle in your spice cabinet. There was “Pepper” in the Iron Man movies. Right? But, Mace? Really? And, what the heck is Anise?

We’ve done the fruit thing already too. Apple, Kale, etc. You get the idea. Now, moms and dads are looking to the spice cabinet for the coolest names. Looking at name data from the Social Security Administration – some of the top choices include Sage, Juniper, Jasmine, Basil, and Poppy.

Here were some of the most popular ones from 2019, which is the most recent year that’s available . . .

1.  Sage.  666 boys, 1,164 girls.

2.  Juniper. 22 boys, 1,526 girls.

3.  Jasmine.  2,092 girls.

4.  Basil. 71 boys, 28 girls.

5.  Poppy.  628 girls.

There were also at least five babies named:  Thyme, Saffron, Curry, Clove, Cayenne, Anise, and Mace.

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