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Chris Young, Kane Brown - Famous Friends (Official Video)

Listen to "Famous Friends" by Chris Young & Kane Brown, out now: Chorus:I've got some famous friends you've probably never ...

Love this new song from Kane Brown and Chris Young, it’s called “Famous Friends”, and they just released the video, which stars their famous friends, like teachers, police officers and preachers.

The guys based the lyrics on the personal relationships they have in their communities.

My buddy Brandon holds the record
For single-season touchdown throws
And good ol’ Johnny, he’s the life of every party
It’s like cheers the know him everywhere he goes

They said these are all real people from their hometowns.

By the way – this song was written in Tampa, FL.

A little fun fact for ya:  Young and Brown celebrate Rutherford County in Chris’ hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

I’ve got some famous friends you’ve probably never heard of
But back in Rutherford County, our crowd is second to none

In the second hook, the pair sub in Brown’s native Hamilton County, on the Tennessee and Georgia border. A final chorus name-offs Davidson County, where they both live in Nashville.

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