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I found a new survey about things that were lame but now since the beginning of the pandemic they are considered an adventure.

I was talking to my brother a few days ago. He is planning a “safe” family get-together at his house in Sarasota and our other brother and family is coming as well. Not an adventure, right? Wrong.

He made the comment, “Wow who’da thunk planning a family get-together would feel like a trip to Disney.” Crazy, but he’s right. Once considered “lame”, now it’s an adventure! Haaaaa.

After Covid and being cooped up, what lame things do you consider an adventure now? Some are really pretty lame.

  1. Trying a new recipe.  39% said it’s adventurous.
  2. Eating outside, 34%.
  3. Watching a new TV show or movie, 33%.
  4. Taking the long way home, 30%.
  5. Ordering from a new restaurant, 29%.
  6. Choosing a new book to read, 26%.
  7. Staying up past your normal bedtime, 25%.
  8. Trying food that’s spicier than you’re used to, 20%.

Check the survey story out HERE.

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