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How old do you think you’ll be, (or you were) when you “peak”? New survey says most of us think the magic age (number) is 37. I talked to an accountant today who said he peaked in high school? Yep, he said he was captain of the baseball team and an honor student, and now is a middle age accountant that hasn’t been to the gym in years. Haaaa. There is always tomorrow! Hang in there pal.

Good news. Two-thirds of the folks asked did say their best days were still ahead. 1 out of 3 said they expect to “peak” around 46. So, if you’re 45, 2022 could be Your Year. Haaaa.

This pandemic has many evaluating and considering health and happiness more than ever before. Reality check, right? Better news, most seem to think health and happiness go hand in hand at any age. If they feel good about themselves, they feel happy. Period. I feel pretty good about myself, but honestly think I may have “peaked” in 6th grade when I won that spelling bee in Ms’ Moore’s class. Sad. Right? I peaked spelling Antidisestablishmentarianism.

Check out the survey HERE


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