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A third round of stimulus checks are hitting our bank accounts and of course there are some sneaky people trying to scam you.

The St. Pete Police Department is warning others of some scams they are aware of and want to make sure you stay safe. Here they are:

  • Scammers will contact you through email and pretend they are a government official. Then they’ll ask you to click on a link. Do NOT click on this link.
  • The scammers may also try to reach you through social media networks. If someone is direct messaging you about the status of your stimulus check, ignore and block them.
  • A common call people are getting with the scammer on the phone saying, “Hey. This is the IRS calling. To confirm your identity, what is you social security number?” The IRS will never call you and ask you for your personal information. Hang up right away!

Even if someone from “your bank” calls you, verify who they are. Ask to call them back.

Learn more HERE!

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