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We’re talking “Cigarette Butts” here. This little problem (they are so small) has become a big deal. And now a main source of trash on Florida beaches. Some people think the “sand” is a giant ashtray. Wrong.

A Sarasota Country Senator named Joe Gruters filed a bill last week. Bill 670 would allow “counties” to restrict smoking on beaches and in parks they own. And no smoking in State Parks either.

I get it. Many Smokers disagree. Many smokers do not toss their butts. Many smokers act like adults. I know these smokers. Unfortunately, too many smokers find it difficult to “grow up”. Put your trash in the can. Put your butts in the ashtray. If there is no ashtray, find one. Adulting can be hard.

I’m on the beach every day as a volunteer with Mote Marine. If you don’t think there is a problem. Go sit on a bench on the beach. Any bench. Any beach. Look around in the sand. Start counting.

Really do hope this works out for everybody.

Check out ABC Action News Story HERE


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