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If you’re gonna work, work! If you’re gonna play, play! If you’re gonna eat, eat! So I guess technically, the reason we eat food is to live.  But the reason some eat entire gallons of ice cream and drink jugs of gravy is to really live. “This is living baby!” “Um, you got some ranch dressing on your chin, there.”

A new survey asked people what foods they absolutely couldn’t live without. (I’m only a little upset Peanut M&Ms aren’t on the list) The top 10 are:  Mac and cheese, butter, pizza, milk, bread, bacon, pasta, cheese, burgers, and peanut butter.

The survey also found we’re willing to go through some pain to eat our favorite foods. 60% of people say they sometimes wake up with a “food hangover” because of what they ate the night before.

And two-thirds of people say they’ll eat a food they love even if they have an allergy or intolerance to it, like someone who’s lactose intolerant will still put down a block of cheese once in a while because it’s worth the pain.

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