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Wash your hands much? Now, as much as 3 or six weeks ago? No hand sanitizer in the truck? (31% have relaxed that) Well. Join the “We don’t do that no more” club.

According to a new poll, 42% of Americans say the pandemic has turned them into a “germaphobe.”  And we now wash our hands an average of nine times a day. We’ve relaxed about some stuff though.  People were asked to name things they did at the start of the pandemic but don’t do anymore.  Here are the top answers .

1.  Changing your clothes as soon as you get home.  Half of people who did it early in the pandemic have stopped.

2.  Sanitizing your groceries.  48% don’t do it anymore.

3.  Sanitizing packages or mail, 44%.

4.  Carrying hand sanitizer at all times.  31% have relaxed about it.

5.  Immediately washing fruits and vegetables when you get home from the store, 29%.

6.  Constantly washing your hands, even if you haven’t gone anywhere, 29%.

7.  Doing everything you can to avoid touching stuff when you’re out, 23%.

8.  Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.  18% have relaxed about it.

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