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Luke Bryan has enjoyed the time spent in quarantine over the last year with his family, but like most country stars, he’s itching to get back on the tour bus and play for fans.

Luke told CRS attendees that he knows it will be an intense feeling when he does take the stage again, “No one will be more emotional in the room than me. Getting to get back to doing what you love is gonna be really powerful.”

Bryan admits that in the past, he got a little jaded about the whole process of touring keeping up with soundchecks, meet-and-greets and the other show rituals, but seeing it go away has made him realize how much he appreciates what he does for a living. He said it helped him “reset, recalibrate [my] appreciation.”

Luke is expected to begin his “Proud To Be Here” tour this year (2021) on May 30, if all goes well and the pandemic nears an end. And now he has to prepare to perform on tour. “Yeah, I did mentally check out a little bit, in a good way, but now I’ve gotta get my voice [back in shape] … It’s a muscle. It’s gonna be interesting getting back on tour to see how the voice holds up.”

Luke Bryan