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I’ve heard from many North Easterners talk about how much they miss White Castle and all of the dreams are coming true this week.

It’s a big deal that a White Castle is opening in Florida, because the only place we are able to get one of those small square burgers is in the freezer aisle of Publix. It’s definitely not the same. It’s been 50 years since there was a White Castle in Florida and this will be in one of the busiest cities in the nation: Orlando! The Orlando Sentinel reports that White Castle will open its newest Florida location at 18 North Dollins Avenue in Orlando this Tuesday (February 23). It’s near John Young Parkway and Colonial Drive downtown Orlando.

I have some not-so-great news, this will a “ghost kitchen” concept. There will be no drive-thru and no dine-in. You can order from this White Castle and they will deliver to you through UberEats from 10am to 10pm. Also, you will have to be within a 15 minute drive of the restaurant… I know, it stinks!

I did do some math, as long there is no traffic, you can get it delivered to your Universal Orlando hotel. That sounds like a plus to me!

Another White Castle will open later this year near Disney World. This will be a more traditional White Castle and will be the biggest one yet, plus it will have a drive-thru!

[Source: Orlando Sentinel]

UPDATE: White Castle IS Coming To Central Florida