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Miss Lisa (my bride) and I have been doin’ the real estate “side hustle” for the last 20 years. I’m tempted to say we may have seen it all, but we both know better. Haaaa. Lisa manages over 75 properties and sometimes I tell her she’s just a much cuter, real estate version of “Dog The Bounty Hunter”.  As a broker associate, I can help her a little bit, and investors primarily buy and sell. We love real estate, helping people and have a lot of fun doing it. Frankly, both landlords and tenants can be “entertaining” to say the least.

The hard part right now, is the buying. We have made offers for buyers with up to 15 competing offers. Like I said, Buying = hard. Selling = easy. Love this article from Florida Realtors ( Down Home Tampa Bay ) explaining how Wall Street can get in our way. It happened after 2008 crash. It’s baaaaaack.  The “pandemic push” set in and people seeking bigger homes and better locations started looking at Florida, and our Tampa Bay. As values push up, heads turn. Wall Street pension funds, builders and apartment managers are hopping on board. Makes it real hard for investors who want an extra property or two, and almost impossible for a young family looking for a starter or even move up property.

Patience is your best friend if you’re out there trying to buy. Hang in there. Remember: You learn so much with every property you check out. Pace yourself. You may not want to hear “condos are easier to get”, but prices aren’t soaring as much, and if you can stomach a condo (with good low fixed fees) that may be a nice starter option and leave behind investment for anyone interested in holding, The option part – when the home market improves, rent the condo out, and move on. We did that a few times.

Check the article out HERE


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