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How is it that this guy goes over 95 MPH but his wife, who wasn’t there, got the ticket? Some things just don’t make sense…

Talk about a “good” Valentines Day present to your wife. “Hunny, I got pulled over for speeding in the Ferrari, but I got you something. It’s expensive too…”

On Saturday, January 13th, a man in Tampa got pulled over for going 95 MPH in a 45 MPH zone while driving his Ferrari. The guy got a ticket from the Hillborough County deputy and they went on their way. Sounds like a typical weekend, but then… It just so happened that his wife’s name ended up being on the ticket. Good thing for her, the ticket was dismissed due to the error. Now, did her husband get off the hook for the ticket, too? If so, he got lucky this time!


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