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If a global pandemic wasn’t enough to get you to kissin on your dog, it’s probably never gonna happen.

Maybe it’s not you, but your significant other? According to a new survey, 53% of dog owners say they kiss their dog more than they kiss their partner/spouse. That’s the majority of dog owners.

This study says one in three dog owners have put themselves in harm’s way to save their four-legged friend. I had to kick and jump on a Pitt Bull a few years ago that was attacking “Peanut Butter”. Yes, he’s the therapy animal in picture.  He volunteers (pre pandemic) at Children’s Hospital and Homeless Empowerment Center. I’d do it again.

Check out “Peanut Butter’s Fetch” Video Below.

Here are a few more stats on our dog obsession . . .

1.  72% would put themselves in danger to save their dog.

2.  61% like their dog more than some people they know.

3.  47% have canceled plans to stay in with their dog.

4.  34% let their dog hang out with them when they’re sitting on the toilet.

5.  And 13% will let their dog drink from their glass of water.  OK say it with me – Ewwwwww!

Check out the story  HERE

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Some of our adorable dogs from our 2020 Cutest Pet Contest

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