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I’m so glad to see the tide is turning on dieting.  Who needs that anyway?  Especially now that we’re like six months away from it being socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to a wedding. Haaaa. I’d wash ’em first.

When the pandemic hit. I put on my Covid 15 like everybody. And then some. Went surfing one day, and felt like I was surfing with another human on my back (or belly) and was “dine” after the first hour. Exhausted.

So – I lost some weight with my fitness app over the next 3 weeks. It counts calories etc, exercise, and works pretty well. Then – The Holidays! Haaaa. Gotta start over. Again! Or do I?

According to a new survey, HALF of Americans say they never plan on going on a diet again.  Instead, we’ve learned to make some healthier choices in our daily lives.

The top five healthier food choices people make are:

1.  Drinking water instead of something with sugar.

2.  Eating more salads.

3.  Getting a side salad instead of fries.

4.  Drinking smoothies.

5.  Eating more fruit.

Check it out HERE


What Nutritionists  Say You Should You Drink First Thing In The Morning

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